Love Never Fails
Love never falls away or degrades with time as everything else is bound
Where there is a falling away in a relationship, it is never love that is
falling away.
With every submission to the way of love, there can be great
confidence that love will completely fulfill its part without fail.
It is love that is the basis and purpose of every spiritual impartation.
While the means to pursue and express it will fall away, love will remain
The greatest purpose for every other pursuit is realized when its
motivation is established in unfailing love.
By the Spirit it is possible to remain in the love of God, never falling in
and out of it.
The purpose of the gifts is to keep us steadfast in love till the end.

Prayer – “Father, may every aspect of Your love be represented unfailingly
throughout my life. Help me to remain fixed on what will never fall away or
become obsolete as the purpose of every other pursuit is to demonstrate
Your love.”
Intentional action: With love as a motivation, allow a specific area of gifting
to take on a higher and extended purpose. Apply love’s elements to the
heart of it, allowing it to grow in worth.