And They Overcame...

  • This church truly and greatly represents Jesus. I have been so honored to be part of this Godly family for the past 5 years. They truly walk the walk. The pastors have set a beautiful and Godly example for their congregation, while preaching the uncompromising word of God. They have deeply inspired and blessed my family and me(as they remind us of God's power and who we are in Christ). I thank the Lord for all of you. Love you and God bless!

    – Yordana Medina
  • Through prayer and love from my church family I have experienced healing physically and most importantly, spiritually. God has used Pastor Kim and Pastor Stephen to remind me of how much I am loved by Him. Through their teachings I have experienced the power of applying the Word in every area of my life. This family reflects the true love of Jesus through serving and dedication to its members. I am at the right place at the right time! and YOU are too!
    – Erika Garcia
  • Kill,Steal and destroy was a life that I lived most of my life until Sept 2010 when the cry to God was immediately answered. It was a long road. But God showed me his Mercy and Love and so I can stand in all of him. If God can change Saul(Paul) and can change me...then there is nothing to big in your life that he can help you with...if you let him!
    – Michael Penny
    I love this Church and its people.
  • I had been experiencing increasingly sharp pains in my hip that seemed to be consistent with inherited arthritic deterioration. During a recent New Life Church teaching on "Healing In the Water" I began to apply the truths presented from the Word. The condition has regressed to the point of not even being noticed any more. I give glory to God and look forward to a life free from debilitating pain.
    – Anonymous
  • My niece's son was recently diagnosed with leukemia. Through fervent and continual prayer, there has been a dramatic demonstration of God's power to heal as he has steadily improved from near death.
    – Pastor Stephen
  • I felt led to give more in the offering than I normally do, enough to make me feel stretched financially at a time when I need a little extra. At the same time, I've been believing for more at my job. Only a few days after I gave what had been put on my heart to give, I got a promotion at work that benefits not only my check book, but my time and my goals in my job. Praise God! When we give we can receive above and beyond!
    – Lindsey
  • Our son recently faced some legal rulings due to some poor decisions from 2 years ago. Since then he has turned his life back to God, cried out for mercy. We claimed favor and rested in the fact that God is his ultimate Judge.
    Last week, the courts agreed to a much lower ruling than we expected in his favor and we continually see Gods hand in our sons life- changing him and directing him to his purpose. This has been a very long and grueling 13 years of our son choosing a path that was not congruent with how he was raised. We continued to pray, be faithful to live for Jesus, striving to be an example and trust God. He is faithful! We are rejoicing!
    – Pastor Kim Behrman

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