Iron Men of New Life Church is a group of men committed to growing in knowledge and fellowship together with a purpose of encouraging, sharpening, and teaming up to fulfill God’s purpose in this church body, our community, and the world. There is discovery of common interests, appetites, and especially revelation of a man’s identity in Christ and how it impacts every area of influence. Around the table, the fire, and the Word of God, there is development of relationships that strengthen and equip for leading, providing, and overcoming according to God’s plan and design.

We welcome men from all backgrounds to engage with others who are first of all building their lives on the Word and then promising to have each other’s backs in prayer and personal care. With each outing, bible study, and personal conversation there will be an opportunity to grow in relationships that are empowering for every day and for eternity.

There is a significant and great purpose for every man in his family, occupation, and especially the kingdom of God. Discovering and fulfilling that purpose is his greatest challenge. God has designed for him to not be alone in accomplishing his full potential. He has provided brothers that will hone and sharpen each other to be most efficiently able – Iron Men.