Love Hopes All Things

Love has a forward gaze that is full of hope regardless of circumstances- in
all things.
It is part of the new nature in Christ that only allows for hope
Where there is fixation on a promise, hope is continually alive – despair
Life in Christ is a life of eternal optimism.
Where there is hope, there is action taken to acquire the promise.
Where hope has died, defeat is assured.
Though there is a promise, action is necessary to acquire it. Hope
enables that action.
Because hope requires fixation on a promise, remaining aware of God’s
promises maintains the optimistic nature we’ve been given in Christ.
As hope comes alive in all things, it envelopes love’s demonstration
towards others.
With that hope comes the actions necessary to ensure victory for
the loved one.

Prayer – “Father, I know that when you look at me it is a gaze that is full of
possibilities. You are eternally optimistic about my future with You. As I look
at others, provide me with that same optimism and mobilize through me
Your fulfilled victorious promises in their lives.”