Love Believes All Things

Love overcomes any and all reasons to be skeptical and doubtful with
undying belief.
Things that were once impossible are taken to a realm of possibility
through love.
The belief of the one who loves turns impossible doors into
possible ones for the loved.
The belief of love is built upon both the foundation of experience and the
structure of information that might not be obvious to natural observation.
In the experience of being loved by God is the foundation for love’s
Until there is a reception of God’s belief in us that looks way past
our faults, there will be no ability to truly love in this same way.
The more this is experienced – the greater the base for love’s
Without knowing a truth that goes past the obvious, there are no
resources for building on the experience of love.
As information from the Word displaces natural observation, it
becomes a resource for love’s belief that is unchanging through any
behavior or circumstance.
All things are included in a belief built upon what God has declared.