John 1:50 Jesus answered and said unto him, Because I said unto thee, I saw thee under the fig tree, believest thou? thou shalt see greater things than these.

     What’s it take? That seems to be the great challenge of every business in need of those that would buy and consume products. Billions of dollars are spent on billboards, flyers, websites, TV ads, etc. in an attempt to persuade sceptics to believe enough to act/buy. Coming up with the most amazing and beneficial widget in the world is not enough. Until it is advertised and demonstrated, there is no reason at all for anyone to believe in it. 

     Jesus seemed to be a living billboard or walking commercial for the love, mercy and the supernatural power of God. In this case from John, His simple statement of having seen something take place when He was not actually there was enough for Nathanael, the rabbi. Jesus appeared to be a little surprised that this “little” thing for Him had been enough to produce belief. It’s like He was saying, “If you thought that was something, just wait. You’re going to see some really amazing things.” How many others, though, even with Jesus healing the sick and working miracles, never had “enough” to really believe? It will happen- what it takes will be seen and all will bow. 

     With all the advertising going on around us, there are so many impressive and enticing commercials filling the airwaves and lines of vision that senses are diminished with regard to the demonstrations of God’s power. If there is a continual barrage of earthly persuasions, there are, filling in all the space around them, amazing demonstrations of God’s power that can make all the others combined to be small in comparison. What’s it take, though?

     As Jesus was in continual demonstration mode and experienced varying degrees of success, so we’ve been tagged to carry on His quest- belief in hearts, and He has given us the same power He utilized as the resource for these demonstrations. However, people are in need of more than the incredible shouting of nature as God-evidence They need something personal that touches them right where they live. This is where our lives can be transformed from consumer to producer and carrier of the glory.  Everywhere we go and in every encounter is an opportunity for God exposure in a way that will be “enough”. The One who has come to live on the inside cannot be contained in His compassion and desire to save. He is the best, with the power to do way more than they can even imagine. They’re just in need of a direct encounter with the God who loves and cares for them in a very personal and passionate way. They need to see His hand at work. They will. It will be “what it takes” for them- when our own encounter has been “enough” and we begin acting like we really have this new life we proclaim. His hand will touch theirs and eyes will be opened to the truth that transcends all others, when we’ve experienced “what it takes” in our owner encounter with the Master.              



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