Testimonies of New Life in Christ

I had an appointment for Monday, 10/30/17, to have nerves at the base of my spine ablated due to pain. Twice on Sundays people at New Life have prayed for me and once the women in the study group prayed. On Tuesday, 10/24, I noticed that there was no pain. I've waited until this morning (10/26) to cancel the medical appointment to see if the pain would stay gone. There is only a little on the left side hip area in the mornings, but it works its way out as the day goes on. Praise God and thank you NL for your powerful prayers.
– Stella Stafford
This church truly and greatly represents Jesus. I have been so honored to be part of this Godly family for the past 5 years. They truly walk the walk. The pastors have set a beautiful and Godly example for their congregation, while preaching the uncompromising word of God. They have deeply inspired and blessed my family and me(as they remind us of God's power and who we are in Christ). I thank the Lord for all of you. Love you and God bless!

– Yordana Medina
I felt led to give more in the offering than I normally do, enough to make me feel stretched financially at a time when I need a little extra. At the same time, I've been believing for more at my job. Only a few days after I gave what had been put on my heart to give, I got a promotion at work that benefits not only my check book, but my time and my goals in my job. Praise God! When we give we can receive above and beyond!
– Lindsey

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