Within Sight

Through the fog of “important” stuff may there be a growing appreciation and response to the great direction beacon that is continually within sight.

  Jun 1, 2018   admin

Exodus 40:38 (NIV)
38 So the cloud of the Lord was over the tabernacle by day, and fire was in the cloud by night, in the sight of all the Israelites during all their travels.

I remember when gps became an accessible technology for guidance and navigation. It was an amazing thing to be directed at every turn either by a voice or just the moving map. I was doing some work that required driving to several different addresses throughout the day. There were map books that we used with each page represented as a square on an overview page. You would locate the address on its page and then have to figure out how to make it across however many pages from where you were to where you were going. Then somehow, while driving, you were supposed to watch and flip the pages to navigate to the destination. I remember the stress and frustration of going the wrong way or just having to maintain a fixation on both the map and the road at the same time. With the gps, though, it was truly a joy to have constant direction and information about my routes represented on a little screen. With the right way constantly in sight, there is great confidence and relief from stressful uncertainty. Even if a wrong turn is made, an immediate reassessment is made and direction provided to get back on course. 

Long, long before even the first circuit board, the Israelites were provided with an amazing gps. Wherever they would go they were continually within sight of a cloud and fire that would direct their every move. You might think that being within constant view of such an amazing demonstration of God’s presence and influence would completely relieve any stress of desert navigation and make for the most peaceful of travels. Probably when first initiated, there was a greater impression of God’s movements and direction. With the passing of time, however, even the actual representation of God’s presence within constant view became commonplace and somehow irrelevant to other things that “really” mattered. Even though there was a promise of God for them at the intended destination, even though they were assured of great blessing and abundance that would surely have included all those “relevant” areas of concern, their failure to be impressed with what was in sight all along kept them from ever arriving at the promise. If they could have just simply honored and followed what was before them, all they needed would have been more than provided for. 

When we come into a relationship with Jesus as Lord of our lives, we are given the experience of an amazing exodus from the non-gps world to one where Jesus is ever within sight for direction and comfort. Represented in His Word and in the servants He has called and appointed by the Spirit, there is a much greater destination than just that first corner to which they are giving immediate direction. He has given a planned route that will include all relevant portions along the way to the ultimate promise. However, though there may be an initial impression and response, with time, like the cloud and fire in the desert, other more “relevant” matters can diminish honor for God as He has chosen to represent Himself. The peace and comfort of the heaven-sent gps is abandoned for the map book. No longer impressed by what is in sight, there is a return to the stressful plotting of self direction. 

Through the fog of “important” stuff may there be a growing appreciation and response to the great direction beacon that is continually within sight. From the common place the Father’s provision may have receded to, let there be a return of honor and deference to the way He has set before us, preferring it above the the error riddled voices of misdirection. There, in sight, all along, His guidance will take us on a direct course to the land of promise, overflowing with the relevance of eternal life.