When questions that naturally rise are expressed in faith, there is an opening made for incredibly enabling answers from the One who has them all.

  Apr 6, 2017   admin

Genesis 15

     At the time of his God encounters, Abraham, somehow, was not dumbfounded. No. He came up with two questions that might be perceived by others to be doubting. For God, though, they were the open door to reveal an answer that was but in need of the question. In response to his question of who the heir might be, Abraham received the unlikely answer that he would be of his own flesh and blood. The question was not an issue, but Abraham's response to God's answer was critical. This is when believing in the impossible, just because God declared it, was counted as righteousness. 
     To the question of possessing the land of promise, Abraham also received an answer that brought hope and a stabilizing reference for those who would follow him. The questions did not disqualify him in the least, but actually resulted in amazing God answers. They did not represent doubt, but mere interest in where God stood with regard to things that mattered to Abraham. 
     While questions of doubt will result in separation from the answers, it is the questions of faith in righteousness that result in revelation of God-purpose. Wondering is not in itself a problem as long as belief is the immediate reaction when the answer is given. It may be of a challenging nature such as the ages of the participants, but where there is confidence and trust in the one making the declaration, there will be belief that dons the garments of righteousness. 
     To live is to be confronted with contradictions to the Word of God. While just having the questions alone may lead to unbelief, depression and guilt, there is actually an incredible God encounter as those same questions are coupled with simple faith. 
     Rather than avoiding questions about God's purposes in life, there is an incredible opportunity for revelation and enhanced faith as those questions are openly and honestly expressed. With the answers will be faith doors, that, when opened, will lead to a God-purpose for us and many others our faith will impact.