If we could only see into the completed potential of this established life in Him, there would probably be no difficulty in allowing His presence to be central in every circumstance and situation.

  Jan 13, 2018   admin

Pro 8:32  "So, my dear friends, listen carefully; those who embrace these my ways are most blessed.

Pro 8:33  Mark a life of discipline and live wisely; don't squander your precious life.

     I spoke recently with a man who has come from little education and training to a position of great wealth and possession. It was so fascinating to hear how he had boldly taken the opportunities before him and turned them into a financial advantage. It wasn't that he hadn't had failures along the way. He related having lost a substantial amount in one transaction. But, there was something he said that is probably a common phrase, yet somehow was demonstrated and accentuated coming from him-"Opportunity knocks every day". It seems that for this man and many that would be successful, there is a great value placed on every moment and the potential treasure that lies there. This man related that he would take advantage of even the "smaller" and less promising opportunities and just work them faithfully for whatever they may produce, not just waiting for the "super" opportunities of incredible promise.

            It's almost as if there is a larger picture that can only be painted as long as attention is given to covering every square inch of the canvas, no matter the color or image. If any moment's opportunity is not given its attention there is a loss of a possibly significant reward or return. As this attitude is developed, along with a willingness to work hard at each opportunity, there is a pattern established that will take advantage of the incredibly profitable opportunity when it is discovered. This man, along with countless other examples, was living proof of this truth and the rewards of diligence, discipline and the honoring of each moment's worth. What an inspiring and motivating thought? What a challenge to everyone living on many different levels?

            While valuing each moment's significance is so essential in the building of financial success, there must also be an enjoyment of the established life of righteousness that requires valuing and honoring every moment in the presence of the Lord. If there is an "opportunity knocking every day" in the financial world, there is an even great opportunity waiting to be discovered in the realm of the glory of God. Just like the financial realm, though, there must be diligence given to every opportunity, no matter how significant or insignificant it may seem. There is a chance to let Him be involved in the waking moments, to the preparation and planning of the day, to every task's implementation. It would be so easy to just separate ourselves from His involvement and develop a pattern of just letting Him be involved in our lives on Sundays. But, we would be missing out on the awesome opportunity to enjoy the great abundance that waits in established righteousness. It's not just about material things and getting all the "stuff" we might want. There is an impact waiting to be made in another life that requires the diligence to prior opportunities for its preparation. When the opportunity to speak into that life comes along, our success in communicating the goodness of God at that time will be assured, as responding to His opportunities has become the established attitude of our life.

            There is this building of a significant successful relationship with our heavenly Father that, like any other success in life, is restricted only by the diligence and honor given to its every moment. If we could only see into the completed potential of this established life in Him, there would probably be no difficulty in allowing His presence to be central in every circumstance and situation. As each day knows progress in honoring His presence, the patterns of true success in Him are developed and made ready for any challenges that may arise. May this day be such a day of diligent attention to the incredible treasure of our every moment in Him.