Go With What You Know

  Apr 16, 2018   admin

John 9:25 (NIV)
25 He replied, “Whether he is a sinner or not, I don’t know. One thing I do know. I was blind but now I see!”

When presented with a bunch of questions, it is much more profitable and powerful to just acknowledge and consider what you do, in fact, know. 

Many of the miracles Jesus performed were the result of someone seeking Him as their miracle worker and healer. When the miracle was performed He told the person that it was a result of their faith. There was something different about this blind man, though. He didn’t even know anything about Jesus. All he did that resulted in his healing was go and wash away the mud Jesus put on his eyes. He didn’t even have an indication that this would result in his healing. He just simply obeyed. 

Then, when told that whoever did this must be a sinner, he answered with the only thing he knew for sure. He had been blind, but now he could see. He didn’t try to draw any personal conclusions or interpretations from the experience. He didn’t formulate a judgment or even take sides of any issue at this point. He simply acknowledged the facts. He had been blind, but now he, amazingly, could see. As his healing was further investigated and doubt was brought upon the truth regarding his condition, instead of getting on the side of the naysayers, he was able to bring doubt upon those religious folks who were bringing the questions. Finally, in the following eye to eye encounter with Jesus, the man was able to open his heart to believe in Jesus. Going with what he knew rather than getting caught up with any skepticism took him to his salvation. 

There are unlimited reasons to question and doubt, while sometimes just one reason to believe. Where there has been an encounter with God that has changed things forever, that one thing can become a foundational stone upon which everything else can be built with regard to belief. Standing on that one thing you do know, and failing to acknowledge any of the “what-you-don’t-knows” can be more than enough to avert all the diversions and make it to your place of salvation at the Master’s side.